pressreader is an all-you-can-read service whose technology makes it possible to process thousands of newspapers every single day, extracting text and images and making articles instantly translatable, searchable, and easy to read on mobile devices.

pressreader has the largest selection of newspapers and magazines from over 120 countries in over 60 languages. That’s 7,000 trusted publications on a single platform, and readers can instantly translate articles in up to 18 languages.

Setup and authentication

When your library joins the pressreader network, we make setup as simple as possible. This product requires no installation and little maintenance, so we can open the digital doors immediately. We also offer complimentary staff training to help you make the most of our partnership.

We offer a variety of industry standard authentication methods like IP and EZ Proxy, as well as SIP2 and OpenAthens. For a more intricate solution, like an app or email integration, members of your tech and marketing teams may be required.

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PressReader for Academic Libraries

We’ve partnered with academic libraries all over the globe to bring students unlimited access to over 7,000 trusted newspapers and magazines. Pressreader offer quality content from more than 120 countries in over 60 different languages. So students from all over the world will stay connected to what’s happening locally and overseas. PressReader is more than just a digital kiosk. It’s a comprehensive exploration tool. It’s what students’ will use to find relevant articles, credible sources, and information to back up their research. Let us turn your library into a central hub for discovery.

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Vimmerby Public Library

Vimmerby Public Library (VPL) is located in beautiful Sweden, right in the Town Hall – a testament to its important role in the community. With two other locations just ten minutes away from the main library, these branches are an accessible way for the 15,000 residents of the municipality to get the information, education, and entertainment they need. Not only that, but they’re taking resources out into the community for patrons who can’t make it to branches.

We didn’t know what we were missing until we received it! Now, pressreader feels like an invaluable asset – especially for our patrons who use it from home.

Peter Bladlund, T & Studies Librarian

Resources for every patron

Before offering pressreader, Vimmerby had a huge amount of traditional media for their patrons to take advantage of. For those who loved coming into the library and flipping through physical copies, this was a great option. But patrons who wanted to read at home, or who preferred digital amenities were left out of the conversation.

pressreader and VPL began working together in early 2019, and that quickly changed. The library became a central hub for both traditional and digital resources – so every patron could find what they needed, in the format they were most comfortable with.

VPL’s patrons are now reading over 1,000 articles through pressreader every single month. With the COVID-19 global pandemic becoming a reality in 2020, digital resources became an especially important resource to the library and their patrons.

pressreader’s impact at Vimmerby Public Library

pressreader’s platform made it possible for VPL to serve their patrons in a more well-rounded and effective way, giving patrons of every age, language and background a chance to find exactly what they were looking for, or discover something entirely new!

Many patrons also use pressreader as a tool to develop new and old hobbies and catch up on interests. Because every patron is different, pressreader’s wide variety of features is here to serve their unique needs. From translation and listening to keyword searches, there’s something for everyone!

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